Rochelle I. Greenbaum, M.A., CCC, COM
Programs and Services
  • Speech/language therapy for young children beginning at l8 months with delayed speech and language development
  • Speech/language therapy for preschool aged children who need assistance increasing their speech intelligibility, phonological awareness, language,  and listening skills. I work with children with both motor-based and phonological-based speech disorders.
  • Articulation therapy for older children who have not yet acquired the /r/ sound, have an interdental or lateral lisp, or parents feel the child is mumbling or has intelligibility issues.
  • Speech-EZ Apraxia Program  for Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS).  The technique involves a series of hand gestures to help the children with motor planning, tracking their sounds in speech. - Click here for more information
  • Auditory processing difficulties including following directions, phonological awareness, etc.
  • Fast For Word Provider for l5+ years for children with language processing difficulties
  • DIR Floortime Therapist completed training levels DIR-B, C1, and C2. Currently at level of long terms case write up for certification.
  • Speech/language therapy for children with Down Syndrome
  • Excellent program for families of young children who go through a period of normal nonfluencies, to help the child and family restore fluent speech.
  • Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy Program for correction of oral myofunctional disorders (OMD), or  “tongue thrust;” - Click here for more information
  • Highly  successful  positive behavioral program  for remediation of digit sucking patterns that assists children in families in conquering their oral habits in a successful and positive manner. - Click here for more information
  • Trained in the Lindamood Bell Program and offer the Visualizing to Verbalizing Program to assist in oral and written language  comprehension.
  • Trained  in the PROMPT program (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets) for working with various speech disorders. This program augments traditional speech therapy, involving multi-dimensional prompts that may signal various phonemic components of speech to help guide the child’s articulatory mechanism.
  • Comprehensive speech and language evaluations and parent coaching. Parents are present and incorporated into all therapy sessions. I have found that parent involvement facilitates the most rapid success and maintenance of targeted goals over the long term.

30 West Mission, #1, Santa Barbara, CA, 93101, United States
(805) 569-9647
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