Rochelle I. Greenbaum, M.A., CCC, COM
Speech Therapy

What Happens:

Speech therapy consists of one on one sessions with the speech pathologist. The individually designed 25, 40, or 50 minute sessions are created with your child’s specific needs, age, and interests in mind.

Parents are incorporated into the therapy program/sessions and are an integral part of the speech therapy process. To maximize your child’s success and rate of success in the program, you and your child will be asked to follow through with daily practice of the homework provided.

Consistent attendance is critical to ensure timely, effective treatment with successful results.

Initial Meeting With You:

What to Expect:

Once you call to request an evaluation, evaluation of your child’s speech skills will take place over one or possibly two sessions as needed. This will include both formal and informal testing of his/her speech skills and may include testing of his/her oral motor or phonological processing skills if warranted. If your child is in need of a speech and language evaluation, this will also include formal and informal testing of his/her receptive and expressive language, oral speech, and play.

Once We Begin:

Maximizing Your Child’s Success:

I welcome the opportunity to help your child develop age appropriate speech and language skills. In order to maximize the success of our program, these are essential elements for success:

l. Consistent attendance at sessions with minimal missed sessions

2. Daily home practice of therapy goals.

3. Speech therapy is based on principles of cognitive development and motor learning. Skills learned in one session provide the foundation for the next session. Therefore consistent and frequent sessions are essential.

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